Foreshadowed 5/29/18

Two days left in this class and I've come across a problem. The vex controller we've been using throughout the year is now stripped to hell. I cant get into it to put batteries inside, and cannot get a secondary controller to connect to our robot. Hoping I can figure this out today in order to continue working throughout this last week.

Completion Is Near 5/23/18

The code for this last challenge is difficult but so far is almost complete and ready to present. After a bit of tweaking I'm sure we'll be ready to finish for the year. Although I'm sure further complications will arise in the future. This challenge isn't particularly more difficult than the previous ones but effort put into it is definitely a deciding factor.   

Autobots 5/21/18

Work continues on the autonomous trial with two weeks of school left in the year. Were all a bit anxious and distracted but were determined to finish this last challenge. I'm sure I'll be able to complete it before the last day of the 2017-2018 school year.

Challenges 5/17/18

The end of AP testing is today for both Garrett and I. This means the completion of the autonomous code for the ball robot challenge comes soon, most likely next week. Hopefully with all that needs to be done as we near the end of this school year we can still find the time to complete this fun challenge.

AP Robots 5/15/18

This week is the 2nd week of AP Testing and everyone is on edge especially with the robots to deal with on top of it. The autonomous code for the robot is unfinished as of now and will probably stay that way for the rest of this week. Once we get going again next week it shouldn't be difficult to complete it.

Pause 5/11/18

We've taken a bit of break from the code for autonomous while AP testing and EOC's take up a significant amount of time. After next week well be back to the challenge and for now we work on the solid works mock up and updates. Garret is still at work with the code when theirs time.          

Onward 5/7/18

Today I continue with the autonomous code for the ball challenge. The ball must be lifted by the robot and placed in the white pillar within a minute of starting. It's definitely a bit quieter without Garrett here. I don't believe i'll finish this code today but i expect to finish by the end of the week at the latest and complete the challenge.      (Garrett is terrible at providing these pictures)