Coding Fun

With the end of this second week we are at the end of our second challenge(The figure eight). We are nearly finished coding this maneuver, now putting the the finishing touches on it. The robot is done and were ready to put the claw arm onto it. With the beginning of next week we predict to be starting the third challenge.

Beginning 3/12/18

Today we finished the solid works design and began to build the base of the robot, making steady progress. We helped another group with the blog. After reviewing our toolkit we began work on the robot and are almost finished with the base of it.

Still Getting Started 3/8/18

Beginning to prepare building were still putting the finishing touches on our blog, as well as pushing through our robot design on SolidWorks. We decided on claw bot a week ago and began the design in SolidWorks, slowly but surely gathering up the parts off the web. We'll continue to make tweaks to the website and finish the design on SolidWorks as soon as possible. Both Garret and I are really excited to start building.

Blog Creation 3/6/18

Update: March 6th 2018

We've started off the week creating this blog and beginning the process of building the Vex Clawbot in solidworks. Along with these exciting objectives we also mourn the absence of our teacher Mr. Martin as we attempt to begin our vex robotics project. Were excited to begin building next week when he returns. For now, we start off the blog and plan our build for the future, in solidworks.